Sharing Knowledge, Empowering Others

A retired nurse, Jo-Anne Beer, 60, found out she had osteoporosis six years ago. Not one to be intimidated, she immediately took action, deciding to learn more about the disease by volunteering at Osteoporosis Canada’s National office in Toronto.

Now she guides others who need assistance. Jo-Anne’s medical background and personal experience have ripened into a calm, caring and knowledgeable voice on Osteoporosis Canada’s high-traffic 1-800 information line. She finds a sense of fulfillment in teaching others to fight anxiety with facts and to make the most of their lives, despite the changes a diagnosis might force. “You learn to live your life and just be more aware of your body. It’s not the end of your life; it goes on. You should enjoy what you can that much more,” said Jo-Anne.

An avid volunteer at several non-profit organizations, Jo-Anne values the enthusiastic and motivated people around her.

“It’s not only giving back to the community, its finding a purpose in life,” she says with a smile.

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