FR Cooking Demo Webinar: One-Pot Skillet Perogy Shepherd’s Pie

Everyone is looking for new meal ideas and we are taking two classic recipes and combining them into one easy and delicious dinner. Using items from your freezer and pantry this one-pot Skillet Perogy Shepherd’s Pie is easy to make and has 175 mg calcium and 27g protein per serving.

Bone is made up of calcium, other minerals and protein, a nutrient that is necessary for building and repairing body tissues, including bones. Protein is an important nutrient for bone health and in the prevention of osteoporosis. It gives bone its strength and flexibility and is also the big component of muscles, which are, of course, crucial for mobility and in preventing falls.

This cooking webinar showcases meal ideas using beef, an excellent source of protein. Learn how to make One-Pot Skillet Perogy Shepherd’s Pie with Emily Richards, Professional Home Economist.

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